Our commitment to responsible celebrations
Our commitment to sustainability
Founded on St. Barthélemy and offering exclusive balloon designs in beautiful villas, yachts and other locations around the island, we have to ensure the sustainability of our services to protect people, nature and the surrounding wildlife. Discover how we work to ensure our sustainability!
Naturally sourced latex balloons
All of our latex balloons are sourced from 100% natural rubber latex. This naturally grown material is long-lasting and harvested in an eco-friendly way. A tree is not cut down and can produce latex for over 30 years. Our main supplier is made in Spain and they offer different certifications on the webiste.
Weighing all the balloons
We weigh all of our balloons filled with helium to ensure that no balloons end up flying away or can end up in the sea where they are dangerous for turtles and the surrounding wildlife. Working with our clients, we make them aware that balloons have to be tied and to always be responsible with the balloons for the environment.
Never releasing balloons in the air
We do not support in any circumstance any kind of balloon releases. Our team always works on securely tightening all installations involving with or without helium filled balloons and work to inform the client of this as well. Furthermore, balloons fill up a room but they themselves are filled with air. This means that even 1000 balloons popped will fit in one trash-bag.
Careful packaging
We are always working to minimize our packaging of our balloon and party store items. In our store, you can purchase all of our balloons individually, limiting packaging. Furthermore, all of our packaging is recycle and we only use what is necessary.
No plastic party items
Our party store only holds paper plates, cups, straws and wooden cutleryto decorate your party event. We carry no plastic materials and make sure all the party tableset items are compostable.
Responsible clean-up
We always ensure to discuss together with our clients the responsible way to clean-up following a Happy Days event. In many cases, especially when working with Mylar balloons and other party materials, the Happy Days team will arrive at the event location at the end of your event to ensure that everything is cleaned up in the right way and the trash taken to the right recycling. This is also possible because we live on a small island where we can work with all our customers closely.
For any questions or enquiries about our services, balloons or party store, please reach out to us via phone, e-mail or via the form below.